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The Nine Planets
A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System: describes the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons and other objects in our solar system. In addition to the usual pictures, there are also sounds, an occasional movie and many links to other net resources. The text is written for a general audience not necessarily knowledgeable in astronomy; technical terms are linked to an extensive glossary.

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The Nine Planets
For Kids
A special version of The Nine Planets for the younger reader.

The Nine Planets Bookstore
A win-win-win: you get a good book at a good price, gets a customer and I get a bit of their profit!
My pages have elicited a lot of nice comments and "awards".
The Web Nebulae
Pictures and a bit of explanation of a couple dozen of the more spectacular nebulae in the night sky. The emphasis here is on aesthetics, not science.

The World's Largest Telescopes
Lists all the major optical observatories in the world today. I also have a big list of amateur observatories; these are somewhat less elaborate but you can have a similar one for yourself.
Astronomy Software
Links to planetarium and sky simulation software.
Messier Objects
Images from the Digitized Sky Survey as posted on by Richard Bright.
NGC Objects
The Grove Creek Observatory archive of NGC images.
(See also my page about the cryptic NGC codes.)
Ptolemy's Supper Club
A group of avid amateur astronomers.

Ptolemy's Cafe
My backyard observatory (of which I am most proud!) plus a big list of other amateur observatories.
Estimating Limiting Magnitude
An easy method of determing how clear your sky is (thanks to Veikko Makela).
A full report on our trip to the 1998 solar eclipse in the Caribbean.
Transit of Venus
A brief report on our viewing of the 2004 transit of Venus.
My adventures with amateur telescope making, including The Jiffy Focuser, my SCT Dew Heater and my 10" f/6 Dob.

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